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Package 1 - American State National Document & Learning Package (details below)

Why Americans Correct their Status

Here, in America, we have been forced by deceit to participate in a European Caste System.  This Caste System recognizes three levels of increasing denigration. The highest level of the overall Caste System recognizes men and women who have sons and daughters and who possess Natural and Unalienable Rights.  They are living people and Lawful Persons –  a “Lawful Person” is the Name that we use to conduct trade and business in public.  These lucky people are protected by the Constitutional limitations and guarantees.  They may use Public Law for their private purposes and are not naturally subject to legislation—codes, statutes, and regulations, which pertain to their public employees instead.  They own this country on a state-by-state basis.  They take their nationality from their State of the Union and are known as Californians, Virginians, New Yorkers, and so on.  This is our political status the moment we are born on the land and soil of this country.

Almost immediately we are denigrated by our own public employees to a second-class status as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, via a process of registration and the issuance of a Birth Certificate.  This creates a Legal Person operated under the same name as your Lawful Person, but this “Human” has only Human Rights and no Constitutional guarantees at all.  They are subject to all forms of legislation and must know and obey literally millions of codes, statutes, and regulations. They are prevented from owning land in this country, so all they own is a “title” to land, while the actual property is held in trust for them by the British Queen or King. 

This is why we have to do the Declaration paperwork. This is why we have to record and publish it, too.  We do this to free ourselves from the otherwise automatic legal presumptions that attach to us as a result of our names being registered as U.S. Citizens and later, as Municipal "citizens of the United States". 

Package Details
Private Unincorporated Paperwork

1. All Paperwork (12 separate documents and includes declaration, common law copyright, removal of all powers of attorney, certificate of assumed name and more) 
2. Agency Notices including revocation of election to pay federal taxes to the IRS and Internal Revenue Service, Removal of Voter Registration, Bank Letters denoting lawful money and 2 Secretary of State Notices.
3. Instructions for 5 types of publishing & recording including free options.
4.  Instructions on obtaining an international trade bank account for published & recorded Americans.
5.  Instructions on how to access pre-paid credit, part of your estate and inheritance owed via trade bank in gold-backed currency. (funding has been deposited but cards have not been sent yet) 

Video, Guide, Checklist & Additional Resources

1. One hour video review of how to use your guide and checklist (Political Status guide review only)
2.  Guide for Political Status process 
3.  Administrative Process Overview with sample letters4.  Multiple resources to begin your journey living in the private.

The idea is that you do not stop at your paperwork but begin learning how to operate as an unincorporated, exempt American.

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Family Vacation

State National Passport & Prosperity Account

Instructions on obtaining a new or updated passport as an American State National and saying "no" when asked if you are a U.S. Citizen.  Plus, you will have instructions on creating a prosperity account when you are a published & recorded American.  Learn more about what the Prosperity Account is and how it will change our lives with a gold backed currency and prepaid credit provided to Americans by completing the "Your Prosperity Account 101" in our learning center and clicking this link.

Continued Education & Resources

We provide you with some ideas and places to go for continued learning with free links.  We tried to meet all types of learning styles by offering education in video, audio and reading.  Plus, options to join groups to learn by participation.

You will not find a more inclusive package from document generation, to zoom learning session and reviews, to checklists and "how to" guides to notices, passports and continued learning & resources.  Correct your status today.

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