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Land & Property Claims, Finance Statement & Fixture Lien + Unincorporated Trust 
this is an add-on option only.  You must be a published & recorded American.


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Re-Convey Your Property Deed
Protect Your Land as a Landlord and Powerholder

Being a State National and unincorporated opens up different avenues of land ownership that are not available to U.S. Citizens.  U.S. Citizens, cannot own land, they can only access titles.  They are second-class status as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, via a process of registration and the issuance of a Birth Certificate.  This creates a Legal Person operated under the same name as your Lawful Person, but this “Human” has only Human Rights and no Constitutional guarantees at all.  They are subject to all forms of legislation and must know and obey literally millions of codes, statutes, and regulations. They are prevented from owning land in this country, so all they own is a “title” to land, while the actual property is held in trust for them by the British Queen or King.  Most people do not outright own their land but need and want added protection.  All Americans with land or property should know how to reconvey their deeds as this paperwork not only established you as the landlord but also the powerholder and properly records your intentions for eternity.  The Property Claims and UCC Filings to Protect Land and Home come with all documents needed sent to you in word so you can complete on your own in your own timeframe. You will be provided with consulting and templates to guide and assist you.  This is a detailed and comprehensive process requiring a metes and bounds survey (which is a survey used in the land jurisdiction), pictures, and designing the four corners of your property descriptors. Then, you will notarize and publish on your local county.  As with all of our packages our goal is to equip you with helpful information so you are not left in the dark wondering what it all means and what to do next.

Your goal - to enter your own lien onto your property.  First in line, first in time.  Liens are paid to who is in line first.  


Note:  This is an add-on to any package only.  It's not a stand alone and a discussion/consult is required.

Property Claims & UCC Fixture Lien + BONUS DIY Trust Declaration and Guide

Complete our land & property claims intake form and within days you'll have all of the documents you need to take to the county clerk's office:

  • One on one consulting

  • Correction and Re-Conveyance of Deeds and Titles 

  • Allonge - landlords without recourse

  • Deed of Reconveyance - Acknowledged and Accepted Geophysical Survey (word doc)

  • Declaration of Permanent Homestead and Domicile (new description excluding zip code brought to the land and soil 

  • Public Notice and Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit 

  • Notice of Vacated Deed Conveyance

  • Sample letter to Tax Assessor’s office (this is not to remove taxes unless you have paid off your land)

  • Guide and instructions

  • UCC1 Finance Notice & Fixture Lien 

  • Trust Declaration, Trustee Agreement, Property List and Guide (we do not consult on Trust as it is a personal strategy for individuals).  It may not be a need to have but it's a nice to have and this Trust retails at $3,000.00.  

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