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Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor

Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor

Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor

Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor

Americans Are Back Unincorporated Consulting

Civil Flag for American State National in time of peace

Join the American Movement  
Correct Your Status
as a State National 

The Americans are back, present, here, and accounted for.
Protect your identity, your business, your family, your land and even your health as a private American.

No Guesswork, no waiting, just moving from U.S. Citizen to State National & becoming the Secured Party Creditor of your own estate. Learn the details of what happened, how it happened, and why.  Correct your status now.
Correct Your Status 101

Rights and Constitutional Guarantees are for Americans Only

In legal terms, "persons" are not the same as "people." If you are not an American, it can be a dangerous situation. Make sure to complete the Birth Certificate Fraud 101, shown above, before proceeding with the steps to correct your status. This will ensure you are fully informed.

The History of our Political Status

Your Political Status Short Video
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Who Can Become a State National

As Americans, you don't need approval from anyone, and you never have to join a private membership of any kind to assert your inherent freedoms. Anyone born in this country is welcome to reclaim their birthright as an American and as a Texan, Illinoisian, New Yorker, and Californian. Whichever State you were born in is your State.

If you were born in another country or a U.S. Territory, as long as you have lived here for seven years (with proof of having lived here for a minimum of 7 years) you have the ability to become a private American. 

If you were born in Washington D.C., you have the opportunity to gain your birthright through your family lineage if parents/grandparents were born on a nation state.  Washington D.C. is a city-state not a nation state.  


It's Not Necessary to Leave the Country to Protect Yourself

Fact: Thousands of U.S. Citizens are looking to either leave the country or remove themselves from the status of U.S. Citizen. Various sites and organizations even suggest millions have already made some sort of move to separate themselves from the U.S. whether it has been moving abroad or taking citizenship from another country.  Why leave and why take another citizenship? The “citizenship” alone obligates you to a government.  Instead, unincorporate your Given Name through reclaiming it as your asset and learn to live as a private American State National owing no citizenship to any government.  It’s a world of self-governing and its your birthright.  As you saw above, there are 3 political status options in America and only one is American. Read about your 3 political status options here.

What Should Have Happened When You Were Born?

Let's look at what should have happened when you were born and what didn't. Your name should have been recorded on the land jurisdiction of the state you were born in, NOT "registered" as a "vessel" NAME in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.  The State of State, like the State of Georgia, issuing the new franchise charter is an undisclosed Third Party having an "interest" in you, your marriage, your business and the "products thereof"---- your children.  Why would this ever be okay?  

Time to Take Matters Into Your Own Hands and Make Perfectly Clear Who You Are

So now, you have to take things into your own hands and make it perfectly clear who you are.  Take charge of your status by creating a powerful Public Record. Take back your Good Name and Estate, by formally re-conveying Your Given Name which is also known as your Trade Name to the land and soil and create a common law copyright for added protection.  We guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring your documents are properly prepared and recorded in the county recorder's office and other venues for publishing. This is an estate issue.  These documents have nothing whatsoever to do with you--- the living man or woman --- they are entirely about fictional entities that have been created and operating "in your name" by foreign governments creating debt that you have to pay back. Recorded documents become "Admissible Evidence," providing you with a strong position of who you are now and in any future matters.  

Get started today.

Own A Business or Want to Start a Business Helping Americans become State Nationals?

Over 40% of our clients own businesses.  Learn the difference between an LLC and a sole proprietor.  Want to remove Federal income taxes, make more money, gain access to private banking and more?  Transition your LLC into an unincorporated business and grow.  State Nationals can use their exemptions in their own businesses.

Order My Corrected Status Now

Order Your Paperwork & Learning Package
and Celebrate Being an American


Place Your Order >> Fill out an Information Form >> Print Your Paperwork >> Follow the Guide & Checklist


Most Popular Package

State National, Secured Party & UCC Document Generation Learning 

This is the most popular package and it includes your political status paperwork and everything found in Package 1. However, you will be providing international notice and security interest in your NAMES through UCC1 liens. The UCC-1 Financing Statement and Addendum serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they are used to provide international notice of your interest in your Name and NAMES. Secondly, by checking the "Non-UCC Lien" box, you can reclaim your private property. Lastly, selecting the "Agricultural Lien" box allows you to secure your land and soil interests. This knowledge empowers you to protect yourself by leveraging the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which is where Americans find remedy and recourse.  Learn details by clicking below.



American State National Document Generation Learning

This is a complete package for correcting your political status. You purchase the documents to be generated and we add in all of the rest for free to get you started with living in the private. Included are all of the proper forms and documents to become an American State National with notices and letters to send to your bank, the IRS, and Secretary of State.  Plus, you will have a "how to guide" for autographing, publishing in multiple areas, and recording.  Learn details by clicking below.

We Are here to answer questions but, more importantly, your "How To" guide is created in a detailed step by step fashion to assure you feel confident.  

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Need to talk about what correcting your status means for you or your business?

Businessman Working in Office
"I worked with this team 2 years ago because I didn't know what to do but knew I needed to reclaim my status as a Texan.  I couldn't find anyone to respond with Assemblies, I couldn't find anyone professional and aware enough to make sense of what it all means and they did! I refer anyone I can to them.  I am on the record in my home county and Alaska where anyone can see that there is no denying who I am.  I also have an account that I am waiting to be filled with prepaid credit from an international trade bank, too!  You cannot gain access without being an American on the record!"

Jeanne, Texas

How to Become an American State National

Let your American spirit shine: Reclaim Your Birthright and Stand Tall as an American

The first order of business is to claim back your own Good Name, identify yourself and get this information recorded. It's more important than you can imagine.  That is why we created this site.  The process can be confusing but we've streamlined it and made it affordable because we need people to wake up and be accounted for, as Americans.

You've been living in a Debtor's Prison all your life without knowing it. Why else would you let a foreign private investment corporation use your assets as collateral for its debts and charge you whatever it wants to charge?


The goal is for you to establish your claim to own your own Trade Name which enables you to claim your children and grandchildren's names and even your pets. Your Estates were unlawfully converted into public trust properties. It's up to you to convert them right back to being private property.


Let's look at what should have happened when you were born and what didn't. Your name should have been recorded on the land jurisdiction of the state you were born in, NOT "registered" as a "vessel" NAME in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.

So now you have to take things in your own hands and make it perfectly clear who you are.  Claim your name(s), record them with the Land Recorder's Office, and at the same time, declare your political status. Your identity is a treasure worth claiming.

Recommended Reading

Continued Learning for State Nationals
Blood Money book by Anna Von Reitz
This site's information comes from the education, vetting, testing and experience of Anna Von Reitz.  Her work has allowed us to test all of these items ourselves with the help of another 20,000+ people across all 50 states. 

All information provided by our website and by us is general in nature and for information purposes only.  Book recommendations and links are for informational purposes only as we do not gain any financial compensation.

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