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Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor
Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor
Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor
Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor
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Looking to Become an American State National?

Correct Your Status as a State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor

Take the first step and learn the Name Game, how to become a State National and what changes once you correct your status.

The initial step toward becoming a State National involves understanding the gravity of not stepping forward as the rightful owner of your estate. Delve into how your name serves as an asset to settle others' debts against your estate, leaving you as an indentured servant, obligated to pay them off. Then, seize the opportunity to reclaim your birthright as a State National and Secured Party Creditor, and begin living the life you were meant to live.

Take the First Step

Your Political Status History Overview

History of Poltical Status
Your Political Status Short Video
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Who Can Become a State National

As Americans, you don't need approval from anyone, and you never have to join a private membership of any kind to assert your inherent freedoms. Anyone born in this country is welcome to reclaim their birthright as an American and as a Texan, Illinoisian, New Yorker, and Californian. Whichever State you were born in is your State.

If you were born in another country or a U.S. Territory, as long as you have lived here for seven years (with proof of having lived here for a minimum of 7 years) you have the ability to become a private American. 

If you were born in Washington D.C., you have the opportunity to gain your birthright through your family lineage if parents/grandparents were born on a nation state.  Washington D.C. is a city-state not a nation state.  

Fact: Thousands of U.S. Citizens are looking to either leave the country or remove themselves from the status of U.S. Citizen. Various sites and organizations even suggest millions have already made some sort of move to separate themselves from the U.S. whether it has been moving abroad or taking citizenship from another country.  Why leave and why take another citizenship? The “citizenship” alone obligates you to a government.  Instead, unincorporate your Given Name through reclaiming it as your asset and learn to live as a private American State National owing no citizenship to any government.  It’s a world of self-governing and its your birthright.  As you saw above, there are 3 political status options in America and only one is American. Read about your 3 political status options here.

Let's look at what should have happened when you were born and what didn't. Your name should have been recorded on the land jurisdiction of the state you were born in, NOT "registered" as a "vessel" NAME in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.  The State of State, like the State of Georgia, issuing the new franchise charter is an undisclosed Third Party having an "interest" in you, your marriage, your business and the "products thereof"---- your children.  Why would this ever be okay?  You may not yet know that being registered means one jurisdiction and being recorded is another.  We "record" ourselves.  *Make sure to click on the buttons for learning on this page or head to our learning center for the details of the exact fraud.

So now, you have to take things into your own hands and make it perfectly clear who you are.  Take charge of your status by creating a powerful Public Record. Take back your Good Name and Estate, by formally re-conveying Your Given Name which is also known as your Trade Name to the land and soil and create a common law copyright to boot.  We guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring your documents are properly prepared and recorded in the county recorder's office and other venues for publishing. These documents have nothing whatsoever to do with you--- the living man or woman --- they are entirely about fictional entities that have been created and operating "in your name" by foreign governments. Recorded documents become "Admissible Evidence," providing you with a strong position of who you are now and in any future matters.  Don't wait on something this important.  Get started today.

Order Your Package

Begin Your Journey

Step 1:   Choose from two different package options whether you are an individual, business owner, or looking to start a business. 

Step 2:   Place your order, receive an email from us with an intake form and complete your info. 

Step 3: Our document generation team gets to work once you submit your intake form. Allow us 2-4 business days to finalize everything.

Step 4: Review the comprehensive resources, guide, and checklist sent to you electronically. Whether over coffee or your drink of choice, take a moment to go through the provided guide and video.

Step 5: Walk through the steps yourself and experience the process as this is helping you to learn how to autograph, publish, record, and begin operating as an American. 

In just a few days, you’ll have corrected your status and be set to live and operate privately.

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What We Offer

Living as a State National requires learning and experience.  It doesn't stop when you complete your paperwork.  That's when it starts.   If you walk through all the steps in your package you'll be advanced by the time you are done and can even help others do the same.

We create your State National Paperwork and Agency Notices then provide you with a Video, Guide & Checklist so you can walk through your steps with ease. Plus, we provide you with instructions for debt relief through Pre-Paid Credit Accounts known as prosperity accounts only for published & recorded Americans, how to obtain a Passport as a State National, Continued Learning and more resources like the conditional acceptance process, No UCC Contract Return Service

Both Packages are Advanced options and include: UCC1 Finance Statement, Non-UCC Lien and Agriculture Lien against your STRAWMEN, Emancipation documents that go behind your liens and for the 35% of people we work with that have businesses we also have an  unincorporating your business package. Plus, and Add-on Home & Land "do it yourself" Property Claims with Fixture Lien for County.  

Please note that a 3% fee will be applied to credit card payments, as required by third-party processors. This is necessary to maintain our current affordable pricing for all. We recommend peer to peer or bank wire transfer.

For Individuals

This comprehensive package elevates your U.S. Citizen status to a State National and a Secured Party creditor, complete with global recognition. It includes the execution of a UCC-1 Financing Statement, along with a Non-UCC Lien and an Agricultural Lien, establishing you as the Secured Party Creditor. As such, you are not just the Secured Party but also the Priority Creditor, publicly declaring your Property Interest and Right of Survivorship in your personal name and estate. To further cement your autonomy, the package encompasses your emancipation documents, featuring your unique footprint, liberating you from reliance on any external governmental entity. Additionally, it provides guidance on accessing a prosperity account and securing an updated passport.

Details below

  • A suite of 12 essential documents to establish you being a State National, unincorporated, and ownership in your name and estate via a common law copyright and more.

  • Key notifications, notices, to revoke Federal income taxes (as long as you are not receiving Federal dollars), remove voter registration, denote bank accounts (for banking only) as private accounts, and to let the Secretary of State for the U.S. and the STATE OF STATE know about your status correction.

  • Learn how to autograph as an American with your common law copyright, and how to publish & record in 5 different ways.

  • Gain instructions for Prosperity Account where we are receiving funding in the form of pre-paid credit.  *Accounts are accessible, but funds are not accessible yet.  This is gold-backed currency that is on the world stage right now.

  • Instructions on obtaining a new passport as a non-U.S. Citizen.

  • Secure your international interest in your names, STRAWMEN, by completing a Finance Statement, Non-UCC Lien, and Agriculture lien to reclaim land interests.

  • Emancipation documents with proof of fraud and your footprint.  This set of documents sits behind your UCC Liens as proof of the fraud.

  • Resources for learning the administrative process/conditional acceptance process, learning the mutual credit offset exchange exemption process for debt relief.  

Please note that a 3% fee will be applied to credit card payments, as required by third-party processors. This is necessary to maintain our current affordable pricing for all. We recommend peer to peer or bank wire transfer.

Unincorporated Business Document & Learning Package

Do what we do or unincorporated your own business

For Business Owners & Those Looking to Start a Business Helping their Friends, Families and Communities become State Nationals

More than 35% of people we work with own their own business. This package is for business owners looking to unincorporated and for those looking to start a business. This package enables you to convert your incorporated business into an unincorporated business, granting it the same exemptions and benefits as the living man or woman. The business add-on includes all necessary State National documents and a guide, empowering you to assist others independently. For those who wish to start a business helping others reclaim their American status as well. So, whether you have a business or want to start one - there is something meaningful you can do. 

Details below

Includes all State National and Secured Party Creditor Package from above which are done first.  *The consulting is added once the business is being established and/or reconveyed.

  • One on one consulting on unincorporated business of your own or to help Americans reclaim their status.

  • How to stay in your lane as a contractor so you're not open to be seen as an employee or a corporate entity.

  • Understanding how the contractor is the proof of living as an American as you are living proof of your choice to be unincorporated.  The way you operate continues to reconvey who you are with evidence that cannot be refuted.  

  • Certificate of Assumed Name for Business.

  • Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Mandatory Notice for Business.

  • Agency Letters for Revocation of Election to Pay Federal Taxes for Business. 

  • Instructions for obtaining a Vendor account with International Trade Bank for your business to be able to operate in. international trade & commerce and accept gold-backed currency.

  • Instructions on obtaining a DBA with county clerk's office keeping you unincorporated for banking in maritime. commerce and continuing your tax exempt options.

  • Instructions for setting up a commercial bank account without using an EIN but using a DBA as an unincorporated sole proprietor. (an EIN creates a new entity which is NOT exempt from taxes.)

  • Disclosures for your business "at your own risk".

Bonus: Get a free DIY Unincorporated Business Trust. Plus, empower Americans to reclaim their birthright political status by doing this yourself.

  • Unincorporated Business Trust, also known as a Common Law Trust or a Non-Statutory Trust

  • Create your own business in your own community; or a community you create.

  • All documents and training to help you help others.

  • Pitfalls and challenges.

  • Underserved communities and targeted groups that are great areas to focus on.  If you speak any languages other than English that can be an incredible opportunity for you and the community involved.

  • Groups needing attention: minority groups, LGTBQ groups, young adults 21-25, seniors.  These groups are targeted and have no idea of what is available to them.  

  • Ideas for business strategies.  

  • How to have conversations, the toughest part.

  • Understand the paperwork with a slightly different guide to help you in your own business.

  • Help others complete anything you've done.  State National paperwork, emancipation & UCC lien process, baby deed paperwork, unincorporated business paperwork, property & land claims paperwork.  

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What can you do when you are misaddressed by one of their officers or courts who presume and assume that you are a U.S. Citizen? 

"I worked with this team 2 years ago because I didn't know what to do but knew I needed to reclaim my status as a Texan.  I couldn't find anyone to respond with Assemblies, I couldn't find anyone professional and aware enough to make sense of what it all means and they did! I refer anyone I can to them.  I am on the record in my home county and Alaska where anyone can see that there is no denying who I am.  I also have an account that I am waiting to be filled with prepaid credit from an international trade bank, too!  You cannot gain access without being an American on the record!"

Jeanne, Texas

Recommended Reading

Correct Your Political Status Book by David Robinson
Continued Learning for State Nationals
Blood Money book by Anna Von Reitz
This site's information comes from the education, vetting, testing and experience of Anna Von Reitz.  Her work has allowed us to test all of these items ourselves with the help of another 20,000+ people across all 50 states. 

All information provided by our website and by us is general in nature and for information purposes only.  Book recommendations and links are for informational purposes only as we do not gain any financial compensation.

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