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Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor
Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor
Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor
Move from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor

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Become an American State National 

Correct your Status from U.S. Citizen to State National and Become the Secured Party Creditor

Learn how to correct your status as a State National with proper and superior evidence recorded and published on the record. Watch the video below and complete the "How to Correct Your Status 101" and learn what's involved in becoming a State National today.

Correct Your Status 101

First, learn the history of the political status and why you must differentiate yourself from U.S. Citizens (British Territorial) and citizens of the United States (Municipal/Papal)

How to Correct Your Status 101

Most people want to know how to correctly correct their status and prove their provenance with superior evidence. Our clients tell us that somewhere along the way they are told that authenticating their birth certificate is part of the process and spend money and time doing just that. They mistakenly believe that authenticating a birth certificate is sufficient, but quickly learn, when they can't do anything with this information, that this only confirms the certificate's authenticity and does not correct one's status. As you might have learned from the video above, an authenticated birth certificate does not distinguish you from those who wish to remain U.S. Citizens (British Territorial Citizens, Tories) or citizens of the United States; they too can authenticate their birth certificates. Additionally, it does not verify that you are the man or woman you claim to be. The significance of the Bible verse Matthew 18:20, "When two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them," highlights the significance of what works in courts.  This also applies to anyone seeking to "become" a U.S. Citizen.  They too must have witnesses who can agree they are the individual they are claiming to be.    

Similarly, an Affidavit of Repudiation (AOR) is ineffective, as Americans do not use affidavits in this context. There is a distinction between an "Affidavit" and "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit," just as there is between a "State of State" and an actual "State." Individuals acting in their unincorporated Lawful Person capacity cannot issue affidavits—this is reserved for corporations or their officers. Therefore, personal presentations must be labeled as "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit," which is a critical aspect of court rules and why personal testimonies often go unheard in court.  If a man asserts that he is operating exclusively as a Lawful Person and is owed exemption and exoneration, but then turns around and submits an "Affidavit" instead of a "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit" he has presented conflicting information. He is claiming to act in one capacity and then, by submitting an "Affidavit of Truth" instead of "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit" is demonstrating that he is in fact operating in a completely different capacity. - Anna Von Reitz.

To correctly update your status, you must prove you are the living man or woman you claim to be, supported by witnesses. You must declare your status, reclaim your name, copyright it, and reconvey it to the proper jurisdiction. You can also change your name in court for ownership purposes.

Who Can Become a State National

As Americans, you don't need approval from anyone, and you never have to join a private membership of any kind to assert your inherent freedoms. Anyone born in this country is welcome to reclaim their birthright as an American and as a Texan, Illinoisian, New Yorker, and Californian. Whichever State you were born in is your State.

If you were born in another country or a U.S. Territory, as long as you have lived here for seven years (with proof of having lived here for a minimum of 7 years) you have the ability to become a private American. 

If you were born in Washington D.C., you have the opportunity to gain your birthright through your family lineage if parents/grandparents were born on a nation state.  Washington D.C. is a city-state not a nation state.  

Fact: Thousands of U.S. Citizens are looking to either leave the country or remove themselves from the status of U.S. Citizen. Various sites and organizations even suggest millions have already made some sort of move to separate themselves from the U.S. whether it has been moving abroad or taking citizenship from another country.  Why leave and why take another citizenship? The “citizenship” alone obligates you to a government.  Instead, unincorporate your Given Name through reclaiming it as your asset and learn to live as a private American State National owing no citizenship to any government.  It’s a world of self-governing and its your birthright.  As you saw above, there are 3 political status options in America and only one is American. Read about your 3 political status options here.

Let's look at what should have happened when you were born and what didn't. Your name should have been recorded on the land jurisdiction of the state you were born in, NOT "registered" as a "vessel" NAME in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.  The State of State, like the State of Georgia, issuing the new franchise charter is an undisclosed Third Party having an "interest" in you, your marriage, your business and the "products thereof"---- your children.  Why would this ever be okay?  

So now, you have to take things into your own hands and make it perfectly clear who you are.  Take charge of your status by creating a powerful Public Record. These documents were created by judges and counselor at law who practice on the land jurisdiction, and can be used for International Trade Banks, State Assemblies, Courts of Record, County Clerk's and Recording Offices.  The proof of your ownership over your name can also be used when attempting to eliminate debt, getting a new passport, and more.  Take back your Good Name and Estate, by formally re-conveying Your Given Name which is also known as your Trade Name to the land and soil and create a common law copyright to boot.  We guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring your documents are properly prepared and recorded in the county recorder's office and other venues for publishing. This is an estate issue.  These documents have nothing whatsoever to do with you--- the living man or woman --- they are entirely about fictional entities that have been created and operating "in your name" by foreign governments creating debt that you have to pay back. Recorded documents become "Admissible Evidence," providing you with a strong position of who you are now and in any future matters.  Don't wait on something this important.  Get started today.

Our Services & Packages

Place your order, complete your intake form, and within 1-4 business days you will receive your order emailed to you. Then, you will walk through your steps with guidance and by the time you are done you'll be advanced.  


Payment options:  To reduce fees we are helping people walk through using their bank for transfers, ACH, and wire transfers.  This is how private Americans do business because we can accept transfers as lawful money and protect our accounts from seizure.  If you have challenges or need help contact us at ‪(726) 842-3657‬.

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Recommended Reading

Continued Learning for State Nationals
Blood Money book by Anna Von Reitz
This site's information comes from the education, vetting, testing and experience of Anna Von Reitz.  Her work has allowed us to test all of these items ourselves with the help of another 20,000+ people across all 50 states. 

All information provided by our website and by us is general in nature and for information purposes only.  Book recommendations and links are for informational purposes only as we do not gain any financial compensation.

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"I worked with this team 2 years ago because I didn't know what to do but knew I needed to reclaim my status as a Texan.  I couldn't find anyone to respond with Assemblies, I couldn't find anyone professional and aware enough to make sense of what it all means and they did! I refer anyone I can to them.  I am on the record in my home county and Alaska where anyone can see that there is no denying who I am.  I also have an account that I am waiting to be filled with prepaid credit from an international trade bank, too!  You cannot gain access without being an American on the record!"

Jeanne, Texas

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