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This is the place to learn what happened to each of us when we were babies in the cradle.  Learn about our unincorporated exemptions as Americans, the fraud of the birth certificate bond, how your name is property and makes money but not for you until you own it.  Also, get acquainted with historian Anna Von Reitz and how she breaks down the fraud in ways not very many people can. These micro-courses are purely for educational purposes and people love them.  Your freedom is precious and your decision to take it back is required.

YouTube Video Series

The next section is dedicated to audio books that were put into video series.  Most are shorter than 10-20 min and intended for bit size learning.  If you have the time to listen, you'll be amazed at what you know in the end.

Weekly Webinar

Subscribe and Anna's Monday Webinars. Learn, every Monday, with historian and justice Anna Von Reitz.  

Blood Money Series

The Blood Money Series

If you like to read then now is your time to learn what's been kept secret from all of the bankers, courts, and BAR attorneys and pretty much every agency out there. Learn more about bank fraud, abuse of contracts, treaties and obligations, the bond system and more.

For Declared Americans Only

A three part series on the intricacies of how Americans can protect themselves from the fraud of courts, bills and more.  Learn what money really is and how corporations use it to trap you.  Learn about your estate and why owning your Trade Name is crucial.  This is in depth reading where taking notes is critical.  Create your own responses to courts, to bill collectors, and more.  Start with Part 2 then work your way back to Part 1 and Part 3 for a total understanding.


Let's Start Learning

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