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American State National, UCC, Emancipation and Secured Party Creditor Document & Learning Package (included items below)

This package is advanced and done in two parts.  Once you're published & recorded as an American, you are now officially recognized and acknowledged as the rightful holder of your Given Name, also known as your Trade Name. You have separated yourself from the influence of the CORPORATE-GOVERNMENT entity. For the first time in your life, you have gained ownership of the Private Property associated with your name, regardless of whether it's written in lowercase or uppercase. Until this point, you were essentially cast into the role of a DEBTOR, and incorporated corporations were using your Private Property as collateral to support their business endeavors. They benefited from this arrangement while you were burdened with the resulting debt.

However, as the legitimate owner of your Private Property, you now have a legally protected stake not only in all the debts that were attributed to your name, regardless of its case, but you also hold a secured interest in ALL of the credit associated with your Private Property as the Secured Party. Now you have "standing" to claim a Secured Interest (collateralized lien) in your asset/Name.

The UCC-1 Financing Statement and Addendum serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they are used to provide international notice of your interest in your Name and NAMES. Secondly, by checking the "Non-UCC Lien" box, you can reclaim your private property. Lastly, selecting the "Agricultural Lien" box allows you to secure your land and soil interests.

You will correct your status as an American State National because Americans are not only the secured party creditors but the secured "priority" creditors.  You'll learn how to use the administrative process to work toward debt relief and if that doesn't work you are armed with using the UCC to enforce what is owed.  Go a step further and set up your prosperity account for not only debt relief but overall living from the credit that is owed to you.

Package Details

Private Unincorporated Paperwork


1. All Paperwork (12 separate documents and includes declaration, common law copyright, removal of all powers of attorney, certificate of assumed name and more)

2. Agency Notices including revocation of election to pay federal taxes to the IRS and Internal Revenue Service, Removal of Voter Registration, Bank Letters denoting lawful money and 2 Secretary of State Notices.

3. Instructions for 5 types of publishing & recording including free options.

4.  Instructions on obtaining an international trade bank account for published & recorded Americans.

5.  Instructions on how to access pre-paid credit,  part of your estate and inheritance owed via trade bank in gold-backed currency. (funding has been deposited but cards have not been sent yet)

6.  Instructions on obtaining a Passport as a State National.


UCC Liens and Internatinal Notice of Security Interest in corporations created after your Given Name


1.  UCC1 Finance Statement for all corporate names created.

2.  Non-UCC Liens for all corporate names created.

3.  Agriculture Liens for all corporate names created.

4. Emancipation docs describing the precise fraud that has taken place backing up your liens which includes history and footprint.


Video, Guide, Checklist & Additional Resources


1. One hour video review of how to use your guide and checklist (Political Status guide review only)

2. Guide for both Political Status process and Lien & Emancipation Process

3.  Administrative Process Overview with sample letters

4.  Resources such as Return Service No UCC Contract Trust to serve on court documents (we don't guarantee outcomes but this one worked for some), letters explaining how money is not real and not owed, books and continued education.


The idea is that you do not stop at your paperwork.  But, that you move into the realm of living as an unincorporated private American and explore the many opportunities it provides.  We provide you with some tools but you will find many more that we hope you share with us!

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