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Are You a Business Owner born in America?

Business owners can extend these exemptions into their businesses as long as the business is an extension of the living man or woman.  Reduce unnecessary franchise fees, LLC costs and eliminate Federal Income Taxes.  Learn How and Get Started Today. 

Maximize State National Exemptions and Empower Your Business

Understanding and embracing your status as a State National can unlock numerous exemptions and benefits for you and your business. As a State National, you gain access to lawful banking, vendor accounts with gold-backed currency, and a range of business opportunities without the burden of federal taxes, franchise fees, and other costly expenses.

Why Unincorporate?

For sole proprietors and gig workers, your personal identity is inherently tied to your business. This means any "doing business as" (DBA) designations are directly linked to you, extending your State National exemptions to your business. So long as your business is not a separate entity.  This seamless integration can help you avoid unnecessary scrutiny and expenses from over 10 federal and state agencies.

The Benefits of Unincorporating

Whether you are an established business owner or a new entrepreneur, unincorporating can transform your approach to business and individual sovereignty. By choosing not to incorporate, you reduce regulatory burdens and increase your business's financial efficiency.

How to Get Started

Join us in reshaping the landscape of business ownership and personal sovereignty. Our package, designed with input from experienced business owners, offers valuable guidance for those looking to unincorporate, start a new business, or help others become State Nationals. This package is ideal for sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, gig workers, contractors, and consultants. It all begins with your given name, which serves as your tradename, enabling you to engage in both commerce AND international trade.

As a U.S. Citizen, your commercial activities are confined to maritime commerce. In contrast, as an American State National, you have the right to participate in international trade and commerce in any jurisdiction. 

Join us today and take control of your business's future.

American Benefits: A Comprehensive Analysis

Tax and Regulatory Advantages

  • No Federal Taxes: State Nationals are exempt from federal taxes unless they receive federal dollars. 

  • IRS Exemption: State Nationals do not engage with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

  • No Licensing or Registration: State Nationals are not required to obtain licenses, register their businesses, or pay fees associated with LLCs, S-Corps, or other corporate entities.

  • Secured Party Creditor Status: State Nationals can become Secured Party Creditors, placing liens against their legal fictions (STRAWMEN) and including their businesses under these protections.

American Businesses will have access to Prosperity & Vendor Accounts

  • Lawful Money Transactions: Engage in banking with lawful money across multiple currencies globally, which stabilizes value and eliminates inflation or deflation concerns.

  • No Usury: There are no interest charges, ensuring all financial dealings are free from usury.

  • International Trade Bank Access: Vendors can access international trade bank accounts, facilitating transactions in multiple currencies without inflation or deflation impacts. This opportunity is available for published and recorded Americans only.

  • Economic Stability: Avoid bail-ins, bailouts, and seizures through protected prosperity and vendor accounts.

  • Global Instapay: Direct payment systems for vendors ensure immediate, secure transactions globally.

  • Gold-Backed Currency: Vendor accounts benefit from currency backed by gold assets, providing a stable and secure financial foundation.

  • Federation Deposit Indemnity Bond (FDIB): Provides additional financial security for deposits made by published and recorded Americans.

  • Lawful Money Deposits: All deposits are recognized as lawful money, providing a solid legal foundation.

  • Prepaid Lawful Money Credit: Prosperity accounts offer prepaid credit in lawful money, ensuring legal and financial protection.

  • Savings and IRAs: Vendors can establish savings and individual retirement accounts, safeguarded by lawful money and available exclusively to published and recorded Americans.

Sovereignty and Employment

  • Government Non-Interference: By operating independently, State Nationals avoid being categorized as employees, criminals, or wards of the court, thereby maintaining their sovereignty.

  • Entrepreneurial Independence: State Nationals demonstrate their independence by running their own businesses, even as side ventures.

  • Vendor and Prosperity Accounts: Operating with vendor and prosperity accounts in lawful money further cements their status as independent and free from employee classifications.

  • Contractual Freedom: Independent contractors and sole proprietors among State Nationals enjoy the freedom to contract with any entity of their choosing, maintaining full sovereignty in their professional engagements.


State Nationals enjoy a unique set of benefits that protect their financial and personal sovereignty. By understanding and leveraging these advantages, individuals can operate free from the constraints and obligations imposed by traditional governmental and corporate systems. This approach not only safeguards their personal freedoms but also opens up a world of economic opportunities and stability. For those ready to embrace this path, the benefits are substantial and far-reaching.

Unincorporated Business Pkg Details

Unincorporated American Business Package 

Details below

Includes all State National and Secured Party Creditor Packages which are done first.  The consulting is added once the business is being established and/or reconveyed.

  • One on one consulting on business 

  • How to stay in your lane as a contractor so you're not open to be seen as an employee or a corporate entity.

  • Understanding how the contractor is the proof of living as an American as you are living proof of your choice to be unincorporated.  The way you operate continues to reconvey who you are with evidence that cannot be refuted.  

  • Certificate of Assumed Name for Business.

  • Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Mandatory Notice for Business.

  • Agency Letters for Revocation of Election to Pay Federal Taxes for Business. 

  • Instructions for obtaining a Vendor account with International Trade Bank for your business to be able to operate in. international trade & commerce and accept gold-backed currency.

  • Instructions on obtaining a DBA with county clerk's office keeping you unincorporated for banking in maritime. commerce and continuing your tax exempt options.

  • Instructions for setting up a commercial bank account without using an EIN but using a DBA as an unincorporated sole proprietor. (an EIN creates a new entity which is NOT exempt from taxes.)

  • Disclosures for your business "at your own risk".

Bonus: Get a free DIY Unincorporated Business Trust. Plus, empower Americans to reclaim their birthright political status.

  • Unincorporated Business Trust, also known as a Common Law Trust or a Non-Statutory Trust

  • Create your own business in your own community; or a community you create.

  • All documents and training to help you help others.

  • Pitfalls and challenges.

  • Underserved communities and targeted groups that are great areas to focus on.  If you speak any languages other than English that can be an incredible opportunity for you and the community involved.

  • Groups needing attention: minority groups, LGTBQ groups, young adults 21-25, seniors.  These groups are targeted and have no idea of what is available to them.  

  • Ideas for business strategies.  

  • How to have conversations, the toughest part.

  • Understand the paperwork with a slightly different guide to help you in your own business.

  • Help others complete anything you've done.  State National paperwork, emancipation & UCC lien process, baby deed paperwork, unincorporated business paperwork, property & land claims paperwork.  

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