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Unincorporated business consulting in every state for sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, gig-workers, consultants, contractors and free-lancers looking to maximize their exemptions.

The Unincorporated Business

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: Escape Burdensome Taxes and Corporate Structures Draining Your Profits

Services & What We Cover 

Personalized unincorporated business plans with the ultimate goal of unincorporating as a private business and saving on overhead cost so you can grow, build, and do more.

  • Overview of your business and current challenges

  • Customized plans to help your business become private

  • Copyright, publish & record your business

  • Staying in your lane review for sole proprietors 

  • Unincorporated Business Trust

  • Tax Letters for Business and analysis of savings year over year.  

  • If needed, how to fight credit card fraud

  • Private Vendor Accounts

  • How to Bank in the Private without an EIN

  • If needed, how to move from Employees to Contractors

Our business package is $500.00 for a basic package as an add-on only.  More detailed needs can require additional planning if using multiple options and jurisdictions.  

Schedule a 15-minute Introductory Phone Call to assess if working with Unincorporated Consulting is the right fit for you!

Businessman Working in Office


Unincorporated Consulting operate as  business consultants.  Though we have been in executive level positions in incorporated corporations and have owned and operated our own LLCs we are not offering tax advice or legal advice.  Our packages and consultations are for educational purposes only.  As fully published & recorded, free, living men and women we have the right to choose the path that works for us on our own.  We share information that has often been kept hidden or hard to find.   

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